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Question: What can you not find on Etsy?
Answer: nothing.

You guys... it's no secret that I love Etsy.  I've partnered with a bazillion shops over the past few years, yet the scope of products available on this amazing site never cease to amaze me.  Recently, during one of my daily occasional hour-long Etsy window shopping excursions I stumbled upon DIY By Sarah.  This time I was searching for a monogram sticker to put on my iPhone charger so I wasn't constantly confusing it with everyone else's.  I ended up clicking on this and fell in love.

We're all familiar with the classic Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer patterns that embody the sights of summer.  Well those famous patterns and whales are put into sticker form in Sarah's shop

I was so obsessed with putting cute stickers on my laptop in college.  I can't say it made spending hours in the library any easier, but the stickers definitely made my computer the most stylish of the bunch (you know, because that's important...).

This shop is like a sticker gold mine. 

In addition to all the fun patterns, she offers these adorable stickers to give your big or little.  

So if you're not already in love, take a look at the newest items in her shop.  Everyone loves something personalized, so for a couple more bucks than the regular stickers, throw in a monogrammed sticker in Lilly Pulitzer's newest First Impression pattern (up to 6"!) or a cute keychain in one of Lilly's most popular patterns "You Gotta Regatta".

If you're looking for a cute add-on to any gift, look no further.  These stickers are perfect for throwing into a gift bag as a fun little extra something.  

Sold yet? Well hang on.  Enter below for your chance to win 3 stickers of your choice! Use them all yourself or give them to your friends... personally I'd probably keep them, but totally up to you ;)

Which one is your favorite?!

Lust List: March Edition

*Oh hey, remember me? Yeah I'm just over here trying to balance my life.  It'll take a while to figure out, so I apologize in advance for any unforeseen blog absences like the huge one I just had ;)*

So this weather has me feeling all kinds of wonderful right now.  This week has been particularly stressful at work, but every time I step outside every worry or care that I have just melts away.  I mean, after the 45 minutes I spent brushing and scraping a foot of snow off my car less than a week ago, the Northeast deserves this weather... right?!

In the spirit of this fabulous week, I've created a lust list of my favorite things for the month of March.  

I wear my favorite watch almost every day, so I'm constantly on the lookout for cuff bracelets that I can add to my stack without overwhelming my arm and looking like a pre-teen at camp (#friendshipbracelets).  Bauble Bar has always been my go-to for affordable yet not-cheap-looking statement pieces and this one does not disappoint.  Check out all their different cuff bracelets here and pick out your favorite!

You may recognize this tote from my Secret Santa Series: Under $50.  It has been a few months since I discovered this bag and I am still dying to own it.  It's less than $50 so you better believe I'll be buying one (or two) when my current bag kicks the bucket. 

I'm not sure I understand how to wear or style harem pants and I'm almost positive I'll never be able to pull them off, but I want this pair so badly.  They look super cute on the model and my warped mind thinks they'll look the same on me... maybe I'll buy them if I ever change my personality and decide attending Coachella is a good idea. 

I am slowly becoming more and more bored with my current pair of glasses and itching to change them up.  Warby Parker was my first stop and I immediately fell in love with the Preston frames.  I haven't been to the eye doctor in approximately a hundred years, so that's the only thing stopping me from buying these bad boys right now.

I've consistently been a fan of Old Navy since I stopped shopping at Limited Too and started realizing graphic tees from Hollister were not cool.  It's not where I go to buy wardrobe staples, but every season I hit up their website and pick out a million things I must have.  These loafers are perfect for the warm weather we're currently having.  I am so ready to slip on a pair of those and say goodbye to snow boots for the rest of 2015.

Shop the Post:

What's on your lust list now that the warm weather has finally come around?! 

One Year Anniversary

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Dunkin’ Brands. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

First of all, I want to wish my one and only a very happy one year anniversary!

No, I'm not talking about a boyfriend or anything like that (LOL).  I'm talking about my one true love, Dunkin.  This past week, DD Perks celebrated their one year anniversary since their launch in early 2014.  If you remember, I wrote about the app about a month ago and basically spoke about it as if I had invented it myself.

It's amazing.  It may very well be the most used app on my phone (other than insta, obvi). 

So first of all, who doesn't love free coffee? I know I do.  And when you download the DD Perks app, you can get it way more than you think.  All you need to do is accrue 200 points (5 points per dollar you spend through the app) and you get a free any size beverage of your choice!
For Dunkin addicts like me, this is a god send.  Below are some of the other "perks" of DD Perks.

If those aren't enough reasons to download it, let me just tell you some of my favorite drinks and snacks I've had there lately.  If you're not on your way to the closest Dunkin location by the end of this, you have incredible willpower.  

So lately, I have two new favorites.  One is the Dunkin Dark Roast.  I rarely ever stray from my usual medium iced coffee or large hot coffee, both with a little cream and sugar.  But during one of their $.99 iced coffee promotions (which happen all the time and just cause me to go there even more often) I decided to try the iced dark roast and it was awesome.  
The second is their chocolate croissant.  Oh. My. Gosh.  So delicious.  Like, seriously, go get one right now.  I don't care what time of day you're reading this or whether or not you're hungry. Go now.
I'm not sure why, but these bad boys are irresistible.  They serve them warm and..... god I can't even write about them without getting hungry. 

And, in honor of Valentines Day, I've noticed all the DD locations have begun carrying heart shaped donuts (pictured above).  So far I've seen both cookie dough and brownie batter filled creations, and I would imagine there are several other options as well.  The perfect festive treat to buy for your roommates, family, or coworkers this Saturday!

But on a slightly more serious note, as I mentioned in my first post, I never get better service in the morning than when I stop at Dunkin.  I rarely, if ever, am in any way dissatisfied with my order, the wait time, etc.  The company as a whole is a well oiled machine, and as a customer I certainly appreciate it.

So what are you waiting for? Head here or check the app store on your phone and download DD Perks using the code "BLOG" and follow on Twitter & Facebook to keep up to date on all the promotions!

New Years Eve 2014: Subtle vs. Sparkle

Two years ago, I posted some of my favorite New Years Eve dress picks - some subtle and some sparkley.  I've said it every year and I'll say it again: New Years Eve is the one night a year I find sequins to be acceptable.
Now that's just my opinion.  If you're into sequins, go ahead and rock them year 'round.  Do you, girl.  But personally, I reserve them for arguably the gaudiest and most fun party night of the year.

This year I thought I'd throw it back to my 2012 theme of "Subtle vs. Sparkle".  This way, there's something for everyone!

1   -   2
3   -   4

1   -   2
3   -   4

Shop these dresses here:

Of course, as with all things, I couldn't limit myself to just a few picks.  Check out some more amazing "subtle" dresses here:

And some more "sparkle" dresses here:
(my absolute favorite is this one - and it's affordable!)

What's your preferred style on New Years Eve - Subtle or Sparkly?!

Secret Santa Series: Under $50

I'm back with the final installment of the Secret Santa Series, and this time it's gifts under $50.  If you're buying for your immediate family, closest friends, or you're just miss moneybags, having a $50 price limit can give you a lot more freedom to find really great gifts.  I've found that Nordstrom is the best place to shop for these types of things. I can't tell you how many times I've scrolled through their gift guide while shopping for my mom & sister. 

In this post, I'm featuring the best gifts I've found (not just from Nordstrom) under $50.

(See my past Under $50 gift guides here and here!)

-  $48  -
So this first gift will definitely give you the most bang for your buck.  Besides the fact that this vegan leather tote looks way more expensive than it is and can probably fit everything you'll ever need in it, it's basically like having two totes in one! These bags are reversible and come in a bunch of different color combos (love the oxblood color above!).  And as if you needed more of a reason to buy, each one comes with a little detachable wristlet to keep important things like an ID or a passport when traveling.  Hello, perfect gift!

-  $49.50  -
For someone who goes skiing or snowboarding a lot during the winter, this would be perfect.  This hat is made with lambswool and cashmere, and I already feel warmer just thinking about those types of fabrics. 

-  $35  -
For that one person in your life that always has to have the newest technology, get them a Sonix case to protect their new gadget.  This gold lace case is so pretty while also being rigid and sturdy to prevent those inevitable cracked screens. 

-  $39.95  -
Ballet flats aren't for everyone, but for people who love them (like me), you can never have enough classic pairs.  While they're extremely comfortable, they also get worn fairly quickly depending on how often you wear them.  A classic pair from Gap in a fun color is the perfect gift, especially for someone just entering the working world in need of a comfy pair of professional shoes! 

-  $28  -
An Alex & Ani bangle is such a great gift because you can make it completely and totally personal.  Get your BFF the best friends charm set, your long-distance friend one with her state on it, or a special one just for your mom. No matter who you're buying for, there will be one that is perfect for them. 

-  $34  -
I don't care who you are, if you have an iPhone than you have definitely needed one of these at one point or another.  Mobile chargers are, in my opinion, one of the greatest inventions of all time.  My phone is always dying no matter how much I charge it.  I had one of these exact Lilly chargers for my iPhone 4 and it was a total lifesaver.  Get this for that one person you know who is always complaining about their phone's horrible battery life!

-  $40  -
If you own anything from The North Face, you know their products are two things: warm & durable.  I'm going to go ahead and assume these mittens are just that.  As someone who's constantly complaining about the cold, I can say this would be a spectacular gift.  Although I'm constantly losing one glove, so maybe only buy a nice pair like this for someone you know will take good care of them....

-  $39  -
Last but not least, and probably the most unique of the bunch, is the city map wall art by Lucius Designs.  Found at Nordstrom, Lucius Designs offers all kinds of amazing wall art featuring different cities (and some with fun phrases).  Perfect for your sibling or friend who may have just moved to a new city, or someone with some major hometown pride.  These great minimalist decorations would fit with almost anyone's decor.

Shop these picks plus some more of my favorites below!


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