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Giveaway: May Books!

I'm so excited to announce that one of my lovely readers will be winning their very own custom May Book!

May Books is an adorable company that creates the cutest personalized notebooks! They offer dozens of patterns, all kinds of cute colors, and of course, adorable personalization choices!

Personally, I totally agree with their motto...

The process of creating a May Book is super easy, and pretty fun! Although I have to say the hardest part was choosing a pattern..... I spent about a half hour narrowing down my choices! There are also tons of different inserts you can choose from like a monthly calendar, weekly calendar, meal planner, or just lines!

And not to worry sorority girls, there are prints for you too!

Any sorority I've ever heard of is featured on there, and I would definitely recommend purchasing one for Chapter meetings, officers, etc.!

I even have my own May Book! Unfortunately, I decided to use mine for a school-related project and couldn't get a monogram this time, but you better believe I will be ordering another one soon! Check out mine below:
c/o my Instagram! Follow me: @catiescott3

Now, enter to win your very own May Book below!

Good Luck!


  1. I love the mint chevron and the greek key pink!
    xo, Blake

  2. Definitely entering! What an amazingly cute blog to have stumbled upon. I'm so very glad! Thanks for such a cute/great read. I'll follow for sure!

    Brani Laine

  3. I LOVE May Books!! I cannot wait to order a new one :) They'd make great Christmas gifts!!

    I recently started following your blog and think it is just so adorable. I nominated you for a Blogger Award :)
    Check it out at

  4. I love May Books! They have the cutest patterns ever! I personally love the chevron orchid!

  5. I love the new patterns! The roses, for some reason, are just calling my name!

  6. I have a May Book planner and I use it every single day! My monogram looks beautiful in navy layered on pink. My favorite print is anything chevron and my planner print, the nautical ropes.



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