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Sponsor Spotlight: Thomas Kelly

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like a complete and total slob-kabob (yeah, I said it) whenever I have to run errands or go to class after the gym.  My workout clothes consist of old t-shirts and Nike shorts, and I feel obligated to change after the gym so I don't look like a slob in class or at meetings.

Do you have this problem too?
That's where Thomas Kelly comes in.

I discovered this website not too long ago on another blog and was instantly intrigued by them.  Their motto "Exercise to Errands" really caught my eye as something that was unique and essentially unheard of. After looking at their clothes, I was hooked. Their pieces are the perfect mix of preppy and athletic, and there is absolutely no need to change out of them after going to the gym! 

(By the way, the story about how their company got started is so cute!)

Here are my top 3 favorite items:

Everything about this cardigan is cute, from the colors to the length, it looks super cozy & cute. Not to mention the green version looks amazing when worn over the Santa Rosa Stripes top!

This just looks so cozy.  Perfect for throwing over your clothes when you finish working out. Such a great idea for a Christmas gift!

My absolute favorite product!! These are beyond cute.  Navy and pink are an adorable color combo, and the cute cuffs at the bottom make these the best leggings I've ever laid eyes on. And be sure to check out these with blue gingham cuffs!

If you're a workout buff, but don't have the time to change after a long workout, I would definitely recommend checking out their website - and be sure to use the offer below!
[And don't forget to "like" them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for new products & offers!]

Which Thomas Kelly product is your favorite?

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